Who are the griots and what was their role in the history of ancient mali essay

The book focuses on the trials and tribulations of Sundiata, a legendary warrior, king, and founder of the Mali Empire; and the functions of griots in serving their king.

Although once known as advisors and diplomats of their villages who would be called upon to intervene during disputes, this role has now diminished somewhat and their appeal as entertainers are more widespread. How to cite this page Choose cite format:.

In these examples men generally have the primary power The griot is quick to remind his audience of how little humans can truly understand, and this is easily applied to the magic forces, which operate in a way we can barely perceive and hence mankind ought be humble enough to admit we don't understand.

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Goods were bartered for or paid using an agreed upon commodity such as copper or gold ingots, set quantities of salt or ivory, or even cowry shells which came from Persia. He treats his powers as subservient to him, using disgusting fetishes to build up his power.

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Griots usually carry this important responsibility from one generation to the next so that their stories may never be forgotten or lost. Is this really the best way to learn about the past. Throughout each characters quest, they have goals they would like to achieve, obstacles that get in their way, and enemies they must face. Consider the people of Niani, who know well that Sundiata has been prophesied to be a great ruler. By serving the princes of the Mali Empire. Consider Mansa Konkon, who cheats Sundiata of a victory in wori and had accepted gold to exile them further and murder the boy. This perspective results from several of his qualities; his cruelty, his lack of responsibility to his subjects, his lack of hospitality, and his arrogance towards magic. He does not try to reclaim Mali before he is ready, and as a result is able to quickly recruit an army to fight Soumaoro when the time comes, since he had been patient enough to build alliances throughout his youth. Other works include the Iliad and the Odyssey, which were written by the blind prophet Homer. The griot certainly defines himself more as a historian, though not by Western standards. Many native converts studied in such places as Fez, Morocco, and became great scholars, missionaries, and even saints, and so Islam came to be seen no longer as a foreign religion but a black African one. There are those who use magic for evil, like Soumaoro, and others who use it for good, like Sundiata or Sogolon.

Is this really the best way to learn about the past. But what ultimately defeats him is his arrogance towards his sorcery. Sundiata founded the Mali Empire which was located in West Africa.

In more practical terms, Sundiata is a great king and ruler because he listens to his people and does not go back on his word. And indeed every influential ruler including King Maghan Kon Fatta had their own griots. From the beginning, Maghan Kon Fatta is given a chance to sire a great hero because he is hospitable to both the hunter who prophesies Sundiata's birth and, later, the two hunters who bring Sogolon to Niani.

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Who are the GRIOTS and what was their role in the History of ancient Mali? Essay Example