Universal laundromat business plan

However, we shall run weekly specials. Executive Summary Laundromat business is a full-scale universal laundromat services that details washing, drying, ironing and folding. The cash balance shows the accumulation of cash in the business over the periods.

For product information visit our website: www. Financial Projections As you can see, this article is really not a detailed business plan for Laundromat but a form of an outline to guide you through a Laundromat business plan.

Our break-even point is only customers a month. We are still planning a newspaper ad campaign. Our wide range of services include, but are not limited to washing, drying, folding optionalgame arcade, laundromat supplies and retail household products.

More specifically, it's located in a small attractive shopping center next to the poor to lower-middle class homes; therefore, there is NO possible competitor after very careful examining.

In the worst case scenario, if the business doesn't prosper, then it could be sold for at least the amount invested in.

laundry business proposal letter pdf

Market Strategy One of the best methods of advertising is through word of mouth. Also, if the business does better than usual,then the loan term will be further shortened.

Environment: providing an environment conducive to giving clean, friendly, and professional service.

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(DOC) Laundromat business plan