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Ciaran accepts, but immediately recognizes her car as the one involved in the accident, and angrily asks her why she didn't stop when Lara lies and tells him she was driving. He sneaks into the World Trade This comes into direct conflict with the vows of chastity he took as a teenager and his sworn devotion to God, and he struggles to reconcile these beliefs with his love for Adelita.

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Unable to find a good vantage point, she suddenly stopped running, halting in the It is Plot[ edit ] The events of the story are told in a largely non-linear fashion, with several different narrators telling the story from different perspectives. It is open to an article about the tightrope walker. Judge Soderberg considers to himself the way that New York has a way of The story is interspersed with fictionalized accounts of Philippe Petit 's tightrope walk across the Twin Towers , the date on which the two main events of the novel occur: a fatal car accident and a trial. When, on the novel's last page, one of McCann's characters reflects that, as humans, "we stumble on The conversation is full of stops and starts and misunderstandings as the man—whose name Approach[ edit ] The novel is written in a non-linear fashion, narrated by several of the eleven different protagonists. Gloria tells the social worker that she knows them and ends up raising the children, who are revealed to be Jazzlyn's daughters, Janice and another girl, also named Jazzlyn.

It is revealed that Ciaran and Lara ended up getting married, although Jaslyn did not know them very well while growing up. So richly and deeply are McCa This really may be the first truly profound novel to connect itself with September 11, and New York City, if only because it does so in such an understated, oblique, and poetically suggestive way.

With a paper clip Afterwards, Tillie is taken back to jail and Lara offers Ciaran a ride home. After telling the story, she realizes that there is nothing they can do but rely on each other to heal, and decides to let go of her anger towards the tightrope walking man and instead focus on the memory of her son.

The walker in let the great

On the way to Claire's apartment, one of the women saw the tightrope walker and was shaken due to the fact that it reminded her of her son, expressing the belief that it was her son coming back to see her. The year before, she and Blaine - both of whom are artists - had decided that they would stop using drugs and drinking and moved to a secluded cabin in upstate New York; however, the night before the accident, they indulged in a night of partying and had intended to return to the cabin and detox the following day, when they drove back home, still high on cocaine.

She tells them that the tightrope walker has walked back and forth six or seven times. This is only one of Unlike most of the other women's children, Joshua was not in active combat, but instead died when a grenade was detonated at the coffee shop he was inside.

Despite the fact that many of the protagonists have never met and are from completely different worlds, they are all affected by the same occurrences; in subsequent interviews, the author has noted his intention to point out the melodramatic tensions present in all of our lives, whether perched upon a death-defying high wire, or merely trying to live out a more "ordinary" life, "where there is still an invisible tight-rope wire that we all walk, with equally high stakes, only it is hidden to most, and only 1 inch off the ground".

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Tillie comes up with a plan to commit suicide, and eventually executes it, dying in prison with the wish of seeing her daughter again.

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