How to deal with death in when i have fears by john keats

when i have fears that i may cease to be title meaning

He finally comes to terms with his fears in these last two lines and realizes that life does not last forever. Line 13 - conversely, pyrrhic is first followed by the reinforced wide world spondee. Related Topics.

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In the third quatrain lineshe turns to love. Being a romantic, Keats sought after the ideals of beauty and truth in his work and as a poet wanted to distance himself from the subjectivity and egotism of the modern groundbreaking poets, namely William Wordsworth, who he met several times in London.

How to deal with death in when i have fears by john keats

John Keats It is essential to mention that Keats was obsessed with death and his family members are slowly disappearing. The long vowels of wide world seem to prolong the solitude as the speaker faces the sea on that symbolic threshold of a shoreline. Though Keats fear death in this poem, most of his poems have dealt with the theme of death, death of nature, death of love, and death of memory. Lines 7 and 8 The speaker again refers to the end of life and of how this affects his thought processes. It opens on a note of somber apprehension and ends in an attitude of profound resignation and ungrudging acceptance of the inevitable. Is love as important as, less important than, or more important than poetry for Keats in this poem? I bought my first Collected Poems as a twelve-year-old in a wonderful bookshop in Totnes, where we were staying on holiday from our home in North London. Some of Shakespeare's sonnets must certainly have inspired Keats to compose his, and there are echoes from sonnets 12, 30, 60, 64 and which are mostly based on themes of love, time and the form When As the "fair creature of an hour," his beloved is short-lived just as, by implication, love is. But the tenth line perhaps solidifies the argument that this fair creature is a real woman and that the speaker is familiar with her beauty. Part of this rejection in meaning stems from the way Keats presents death in this specific poem. The plural suggests there will be many such stores books. In the poem, the existence of this fear annihilates both the poet's fame, which Keats ardently longed for, and the love that is so important in his poetry and in his life.

It is the first poem I learned off by heart, aged just twelve, and it has stayed with me ever since; its regular metre suiting the rhythm of my stride as I recite it to myself, walking quickly to keep up with our dog on a long walk.

With a mother already dead from tuberculosis and a younger brother, Tom, showing similar symptoms - he was to die a year after the poem was written - little wonder that Keats had an eye on life's ticking clock.

when i have fears that i may cease to be theme

Keats developed his own theory on poetic creativity and the response of poets to life and the natural world's beauty. The speaker repeats the need for poetic fulfilment, this time highlighting a pile of books in charactery thoughts expressed by symbol or characters which hold all the ideas and potential the poet has.

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When I have Fears That I May Cease to Be Poem Summary and Analysis