Gantt chart enrolment system

Registrar department can also verify students report and master list. Another department that will help the design proposal is the accounting department.

Gantt chart enrolment system

The product of the requirements and data gathering would be the Analization. It can result in a system with well-integrated processes that can perform much faster and more accurate than a manual system. Centralized computer network system is also being applied for more convenience for the students.

Conceptual Model of Study In this chapter, proponents used to outline possible courses of action needed to present preferred approach to use in the whole study.

Is automation an effective tool for improving the enrollment system of the school Using the matching algorithm the students are being given proper timetables or time period is allocated.

Information systems help to control Descriptive method of study focuses in describing the data and characteristics about what is being studied. All of these problems are the effects of manual enrollment system of NSI.

student enrollment system

Computers have opened up a new era in manufacturing through the techniques of automation, and they have enhanced modern communication systems. Tabular Presentation and Analysis of Data In this part of study, data gathered through used of instruments and procedures as a methodology of study are present and analyze in a detailed tabular form.

This feature sets represent different processes involves in ES activities.

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Enrollment UML Activity