Esl writing activities for 1st grade

In the practice portion of the lesson, the students would listen and repeat each word, with the teacher listening and correcting where necessary.

Esl lesson plans elementary

All students need is a pencil and paper to play this game. Insist that they write legibly and neatly. If you wish, during the folding of their papers, you might have them rule some lines along its length. These can range from books and charts to paper and markers to song lyrics, CD players, game boards, dice and cards. Get the full tutorial on Mrs. Or you can teach U. Have your students write labels for various classroom objects on post-its. I have a set of shelves in my back room where the kids can access them. These easy-to-make games will help students see what one more, ten more, one less, and ten less look like. Names of towns, countries, rivers, animals etc etc. One day it was eating cucumbers in the field when it was attacked by an angry cow. I can easily differentiate because they provide the Lexile levels. Since students are creating the activity, they can individually differentiate its complexity. The student who has the most words wins an extra 2 points. Presentation, Practice, Production With these three objectives in mind, you can now come up with activities to achieve them.

When we need them, I just tell them to take out their math tools. Write the words legibly but haphazardly - some the right way up and others sideways or upside-down. Each group has to tell their captain to write down as many words as they can which belong to that category.

This forms a basic and easy-to-understand story structure, which should no doubt bring much amusement and fun.

1st grade esl lesson plans

Write a few random letters on the board. Then have them fold it in half and crease it lengthways. Be very sure you also make it clear which way up the number should be read - for example it is easy to confuse 6 and 9 unless you put a line under them.

Esl writing activities for 1st grade

For those who seem to struggle with the initial task, consider allowing them to use the flashcards from the opening exercise. Arrange the surface into a large grid in which the first caption is Once upon a time…, followed by sentences with gaps, which you invite the students to fill. When one student shouts out, "Stop the bus! The difficulty is, of course, enhanced by the fact that the language seems alien and perhaps threatening to the student. Start with your objective, then choose your activities for presentation, practice and production, and finally, make a list of all the materials you will need for each activity to meet each objective. If this becomes successful in your classroom then you could use this game to 'categorize' their vocabulary training by having different 'sets' of pots with different word lengths or subjects or words beginning with certain letters or containing certain letters. Full access to all resources on ESL KidStuff including lesson plans, flashcards, worksheets, craft sheets, song downloads, classroom readers, flashcards app and songs app. When you play the game, each child will need a single, clean sheet of A4 paper. The team with the most words is the winner and wins a prize. Possible words: cat, peg, tea, hat, get, tap, pat, tag, at, pet, etc. Keep math journals. Using the flow chart at the top of this article and the lesson plan template should streamline your planning process and maybe make it just as fun as the teaching itself. The students all get one point for each word. When the paper is opened out flat it will be divided into eight sections from top to bottom.

Post navigation. Foldables are a great—and easy!

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The opportunity for students to be creative will no doubt involve them far more effectively than the somewhat monotonous task of copying out sentence after sentence. Have them turn the paper around so that it is on the desk in front of them in 'landscape' mode.

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