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We thus only accept an ethical discussion when it is strictly related to the above indicated disciplines and study examples and thus not on its own. Advantages Effective at protecting the base of the cliff.

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The revetments absorb the energy of the waves, preventing the cliffs from being eroded. Monitoring[ edit ] Coastal managers must compensate for error and uncertainty in the information regarding the erosive processes.

Such conditions may include ground relief, camera tilt and atmospheric refraction.

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This helps reduce the rate at which the sea wall is worn down since it is, slowly, being worn away. Do nothing - The easy option, deal with the effects of flooding and erosion as they come or just ignore them. For other uses of the ocean, particularly shipping, the freedom of the high seas applies equally within the EEZ. Lower nature conservation authorities: These are subordinate to the respective districts and are responsible for natural areas along the coastline that are not part of the national parks. Modern seawalls aim to re-direct most of the incident energy in the form of sloping revetments, resulting in low reflected waves and much reduced turbulence. The distance between the profiles is usually quite large, limiting the accuracy of the interpolating. However, the availability of historical data is limited at many coastal sites and so the choice of data source is largely limited to what is available for the site at a given time. Plants such as Ammophila Marram grass can bind the sediment. Beach nourishment can be used in combination with groynes.

When the ocean lands on the gabion, the water drains through leaving sediment, while the structure absorbs a moderate amount of wave energy. Over time, erosion can cause cliff collapse - therefore the coastline needs to be managed.

Revetments can be modified so that they have rippled surfaces, which further help to dissipate the wave energy.

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