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This is further illustration of the idea that women have to use their sexuality to get somewhere in life, despite intelligence or determination. We would like to move on to some other representations of women that continue this motif.

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Why or why not? He says the English language is perfectly fine as it is and does not require any big inflated words. What does he mean? Is it reasonable? Lee takes his aim and expounds it in the film Bamboozled. It seems the only way she has to get any attention is to agree and go along with the horrible concept. Do you agree with him that, the decadence of our language is probably curable? There is always a lollipop present with her and its obviously meant to be a phallic symbol. George Orwell is arguing that Americans use so many unnecessary, foreign, metaphor, phrases, meaningless words, and they do not need to. Orwell did live in a very different time and might be really appalled at the language used today for example, selfie being added to the dictionary he probably would want to cure language but he might realize at this point, it could be impossible. And we end up doing just as we are told, until one person says, Hey, why are we doing this again? There is a lot of pressure at the network to produce a hit show, and Mr. There he had no authority, he was just a college punk taking his frustrations out on minorities.

Cross does give some advice for dealing with such propaganda. These types of advertisements, in a way, change our opinions about things and emotions, they trick us by distracting us with a pretty face or sparkly product.

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She tries to educate everyone about what they are getting into by doing such a blatantly wrong show, but her voice is not heard and her arguments are brushed aside. All the women are tied down by the strings of sexualization no matter what they try to do.

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Women are underrepresented in the media, like this film, and the few depictions are generally negative. I do agree that if a words can be cut out, you should cut it out. The show however, becomes a hit. Do you agree or disagree with him? When Donna Woolfolk Cross discovered how many people do not realize how much words have an effect on us as a whole, American population, she wanted to change that, so she wrote Propaganda: How Not to Be Bamboozled. Delacroix developed the program as a rage-driven stunt but it turns into an unexpected hit, apparently able to indulge a racist format largely because the actors using burnt cork to blacken their faces happen to be African Americans. Related Interests. My Dunwitty also goes on to tell Delacroix that his shows borrow too much from the Cosby shows, as a way of pushing him to create something over the edge.

She is merely his puppet who has failed. We dont follow each other to our deaths, be we follow each other for no reason other than that it sounds good. In the movie, Pierre Delacroix is late for a meeting he wasn't told about.

According to Lee, this is commonplace in real life.

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Women in Spike Lee's Bamboozled